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Getting Started With Adafruit Flora

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    This pack is perfect for somebody interested in the wide world of wearable electronics and Adafruit's tiny FLORA board. 

    This is the most beginner-friendly way to create wearable projects of your own. Using the book as your sensei and the products as your weapons, you'll learn how to plan your wearable circuits, sew with electronics, and write programs that run on the FLORA to control the electronics. The FLORA family includes an assortment of sensors, as well as RGB LEDs that let you add lighting to your wearable projects!

    You may get a FLORA with an off-white or black JST connector.


    • 1x FLORA - Wearable electronic platform: Arduino-compatible
    • 1x Small Alligator Clip Test Lead (set of 12)
    • 1x Sewable Snaps - 5mm Diameter - Card of 24
    • 1x JST-PH Battery Extension Cable - 500mm
    • 1x Magnetic Pin Back
    • 1x FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor - LSM303
    • 1x Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel version 2 - Pack of 4
    • 1x Flora Color Sensor with White Illumination LED - TCS34725
    • 1x Short Wire Alligator Clip Test Lead (set of 12)
    • 1x USB cable - A/MicroB
    • 1x Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles
    • 2x Alkaline AAA batteries - 2 pack
    • 1x Stainless Thin Conductive Thread - 2 ply - 23 meter/76 ft
    • 1x Stainless Medium Conductive Thread - 3 ply - 18 meter/60 ft
    • 1x 3xAAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch and 2-Pin JST