This module features a highly sensitive vibration sensor and an on-board voltage comparator for producing a digital output signal. When the vibration switch is under closed conduction state, the output signal is low and the green light is on. When the vibration switch is disconnected, the output signal is high and the green light is turned off. It can be directly connected to a microcontroller for reading the output level and to easily determine the sensor state. The output of the sensor indicates whether vibration was detected in the environment.





Has a signal output instructions;
With analog and TTL-level signal output signal;
Output valid signal is high, the light goes out;
Adjustable sensitivity (fine-tuning);
Vibration detection range, non-directional;
With mounting holes, firmware installation flexible and convenient.
Applications: can be used in anti-theft devices, electronic locks, mechanical equipment vibration detection, counting shooting range bull's-eye detection of vibration testing

Size: 41 * 15 * 12.5mm
The main chip: LM393, vibrating probe
Operating voltage: DC 3-5V

Package Included:

  • 1PCS*801s Shake vibration Sensor Module For Arduino Open Source LM393 3-5VDC TT Logic