Mini DC-DC 12-24V To 5V 3A Step Down Power Supply Module Voltage Buck Converter Adjustable Efficiency 97.5%.

Buck converters feature a controller with one or more integrated FETs and an external inductor, they offer a balance of flexibility and ease of use. Both non-synchronous converters (integrated high-side FET and external diode) and synchronous converters (integrated high-side and low-side FETs) simplify the design process by reducing external component count. At the same time, an external inductor allows you the flexibility to optimize your power supply for efficiency, size, or cost. No matter what your application is, we have a DC/DC buck converter and design tools to help you address your power supply design challenges.


1.Input Voltage:DC 4.5-24V

2.Output Voltage:integration adjustable and fixed output,back side can choose fiexd output voltage

3.Adjustable Range:0.8-17V,fixed voltage (1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5V 9V 12V)

4.Output Current:3A (max),actual testing input 12V output 1.5A

5.Transform Efficiency:97.5%(max) (6.5 to 5V 0.7A)

6.Switch Frequency:500KHz

7.Output Ripple Wave:20mV (12V to 5V 3A) 20m band width

8.Operating Voltage:-40 Celsius-85 Celsius

9.Output Overvoltage Protection:no

10.Static Current:0.85MA

11.Load Adjust Rate:±1%

12.Voltage Adjust Rate:±0.5%

13.Dynamic Response Speed:5% 200uS

14.Output Short Circuit Protection:yes