1. Working voltage: DC5V to 20V

2. static power consumption: 65

3. output level: high 3.3V, low 0V

4. delay time: adjustable (0.3 sec ~18 sec)

5. the embargo time: 0.2 seconds

6. trigger mode: l not repeatable, h can be repeated, the default value for h

7. induction range: less than 120 degree cone angle, up to 7 meters

8. working temperature:- -15~+70

9.PCB dimensions: 32*24mm, screw hole 28mm, screw diameter 2mm, induction of lens dimensions: (diameter): 23mm (default)


1. automatic: when someone enters the sensing range is input high level, people leaving the induction range is automatically delayed closing high level. Output low level.

2. light control (optional): module to set aside a location, you can set the photo control, or strong light during the day without induction. Light control is an optional feature, factory photoresistance is not installed. If you want, please purchase the photoresistance installed.

3. two trigger modes: l not repeatable, h can be repeated. Jumper option defaults to h.

A. not repeatable trigger mode: after the sensor output high level, delay time is over, the output will automatically change from high to low level.

B. can repeat triggered way: that induction output high level Hou, in delay time paragraph within, if has human in its induction range within activities, its output will has been maintained high level, until people left Hou only delay will high level becomes low level (induction module detection to human of each times activities Hou will automatically extended a delay time paragraph, and to finally once activities of time for delay time of starting points).

4. induction blackout time (default setting: 0.2 sec): after each induction the induction module output (high level low level), you can immediately set a blackout time, during this time the sensor does not receive any sensor signal. This feature can be achieved (sensor output and blockade times) the interval between work, can be applied to interval detection products; at the same time this function can inhibit various disturbances load in the process of switching.

5. wide operating voltage range: default voltage DC5V to 20V

6. power consumption: quiescent current 65, particularly suitable for battery-powered appliances.

7. high level signal output: can be easily docked with the circuit.