EBot is a DIY ecosystem developed for students, kids, artists, and robotics enthusiasts to learn, explore and build working prototypes through experiments and games. Entire system includes an electronic development board with wide range of compactable sensors, graphical programming software based on Google Blockly, bunch of wheels, gears, motors, shafts and plastics, books and study materials that help to learn all basic concepts of mechanical designing, programing and electronic prototyping.

For tutorials, Mobile application,PC application  on various platforms like Windows, Android,IOS and linux  Know more......

Items :

Plastic Bricks and items Electronics Parts
4x large shaft 1x Ebot + USB cable + 9v power cable
4x medium shaft 2x DC motors
4x small shaft 1x Ultrasound
4x large frame 1x LCD
4x medium frame 1x Color sensor
4x small frame 1x Relay
4x wheels 1x Bluetooth
2x X-large gear 3x IR sensors
4x large gear 3x Buttons
2x medium gear 1x temp
2x small gear 1x Potentiometer
8x (15x9) brick 1x LDR
6x (15x3) brick 1X Buzzer
10x (5x1) brick 1x RGB led
10x (5x3) brick 3X LEDs
2x servo top 1x sound sensor
10x half bush 2x servo motors-180
10x full bush  
2x angle brick  
4x cable tie  
8x L adapter  
2x servo bracket  
2x servo hold  
2x warm gear  
1x Ball wheel  
3x rack gear  
6x rack gear mini  
2x bevel gear