1. The filament identified by RoHS and Reach certification;

2. Acccreate 3D printing filament adopted ecological environmental protection material, made of high strength and good toughness;

3.Compare with most of the filaments, Acccreate filament is more easily to squeezed out, and will not damage the extrusion, the stability will ensure the spool diameter remained the same width; ensures smooth and stable extrusion without risk of nozzle, extruder, or printer damage;

4. The filament will be cooling fast when it is heated. Evenly and stably extrude out the spool, easy to print the object;

5. The filament are safe and harmless to the human body, has been widely used in education, toys, building, motorcycle, electronic parts, animation and other industries.

Performance parameters:
Diameter:1.75mm(Dimensional accuracy +/-0.05mm)
Print Temperature: 220℃~260℃
Print Speed: 60~90mm/s
Heat Bed Temperature: 80℃~100℃
Melt Flow Rate:5~7g/10min 
Recommended Layer Thickness:0.2mm
Tensile Strenth:≥52MPa
Bending Strength:≥2200MPa


1.Compatible with all kinds of FDM 3D printers and pens.

2.Can print objests need features of toughness and strength like pendants.

3.Can print models that needs hollow or drilling, such as screw assembly.

4.With the safe and healthy material, it can print daily necessities like tooth cups.

5.Can print objects which need heat resistant and tranlucent like lampshade.