The MPU-9250 is the world’s smallest 9-axis motion tracking device that incorporates the latest InvenSense design innovations, enabling dramatically reduced chip size and power consumption, while at the same time improving performance and cost.

The MPU-9250 motion tracking device sets a new benchmark for 9-axis performance with power consumption of only 9.3µA and a size that is 44% smaller than the company’s first-generation device. Gyro noise performance is 3x better, and compass full scale range is over 4x better than competitive offerings.

The MPU-9250 is a System in Package (SiP) that combines two chips: the MPU-6500, which contains a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex MotionFusion algorithms; and the AK8963, the market leading 3-axis digital compass.


The module type: GY-9250

Chip: MPU-9250

9 Axis :3 axis Gyroscope + 3 axis Accelerometer+3 axis Magnetic Field Sensor

Power supply: 3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)

Communication: Standard IIC / SPI communication protocol

16bit AD converter-chip 16-bit data output

Acceleration range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16g

Magnetic field range: ± 4800uT

Using Immersion Gold PCB, machine welding process to ensure quality

Pin spacing: 2.54mm

Module size: 15mm * 25mm