LED Soldering magnifying glass Illuminated Magnifier Desktop Loupe Helping Hand Auxiliary Clamp with Power Adapter

Useful auxiliary tool in soldering and modelling field.
With interchangeable magnification, the two auxiliary lens are stretchable and angle-adjustable, making the operation more comfortable.

An independent bright illuminating light with 5 pcs of LEDs is installed on flexible metal tube.
Distance and angle of lights can be adjusted freely. It can be used as a desk lamp.
The support clamps and alligator clips are adjustable.
Great tool when third hand is required.

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SIndoh PLA Filament without catridge.

Sindoh PLA Refill Filament

With the environment-friendly refill filament for the DP200, you do not need to each time, if the filament is used up, buy a new cartridge. Instead, you can purchase at a much lower price our refill filaments. To refill, simply replace the coil and the chip into the cartridge (the coil can be replaced by any color or material of your choice).


Highlights & Details

  • PLA refill filament, to refill the DP200 Filament Cassettes
  • Extremely reliable
  • Easy to process
  • Very good layer adhesion
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CNC Carbide Endmill 3mm(3*50*4F)

- Made of Tungsten steel, high hardness, durable
- High abrasion resistance, long life use
-Brief outward, lively, unique, distinct.
-New condition with no chips or usage, flawless.
-The wearing of safety glasses is required during the process of operation as cutting tools may shatter if broken.

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CNC carbide flat finishing bit 3mm

Whiteside SC71 is an engraving bit designed for small CNC machines. It features a 30-degree cutting profile, a 1/32" flat point tip and a 1/4" shank, and is perfect for engraving and sign-making. In 1970, the Whiteside Machine Company began manufacturing special parts and making repairs for the furniture industry in Hickory, NC. As the company's reputation grew, they expended their operations to include product offerings for businesses and hobbists, including high-quality router bits. Today, Whiteside router bits are the undisputed favorite among woodworkers.

  • Whiteside SC71 CNC Machine 30-Degree Engraving Bit
  • Specifications: 30-degree cutting profile, 1/32" flat point tip and 1/4" shank
  • Designed for engraving and sign-making.
  • For use in small CNC machines.
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