LM358P Precision, Op Amp, 700kHz, 5 → 28 V, 8-Pin

General Purpose Op Amps, LM Series:

A range of general purpose operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments suitable for a multitude of uses. These devices offer cost-effective performance in non-specialised applications and are available in single, dual and quad configurations. The range includes a large variety of both through hole and SMT packages. Many of the devices in the LM family of op-amps offer low power consumption and are able to operate with single supplies with input common mode voltages that includes ground.

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UA741CN Operational Amplifier, 1MHz, 8-Pin

The UA741 is a single general-purpose operational amplifier featuring offset-voltage null capability. The high gain and wide range of operating voltages provide superior performance in integrators, summing amplifiers, and general feedback applications. The internal compensation network (6 dB/octave) ensures stability in closed-loop circuits.


  • Large input voltage range
  • No latch-up
  • High gain
  • Short-circuit protection
  • No frequency compensation required


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